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The Adria brothers on a roll, from elBulli to Barcelona


The Adria brothers’ Tickets tapas bar in Barcelona (Photo: supplied)

Albert Adria doesn’t come across as a celebrity chef. The younger brother of Ferran Adria – the world-famous chef behind the former elBulli hotbed of molecular gastronomy in Catalonia, Spain – he is the public face of the brothers’ gastronomic empire in Barcelona and a celebrated pastry-making genius in his own right.

Dressed in shorts, T-shirt and unlaced black Converse All Stars and carrying a paunch, he has the down-to-earth demeanour of a typical bloke next door. With a mop of short, tight curls, and blue-grey eyes that work in tandem with a wide smile, he’s gentle of nature and generous of time, despite being the guardian of elBulli’s proliferating progeny; meaning he’s always in demand. Read the full article here.


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Chin Chin: The Book — for high voltage Thai food lovers


To all the Thai food enthusiasts out there who like to precede the eating of this dynamite cuisine with the paste pounding, spice grinding and hours of preparation that it generally requires: hold onto your knickers because here’s a cookbook that is potentially going to blow them right off.  Continue reading


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An Amritsari food safari with Anjum Anand


Surjit Singh, of Surjit’s Food Plaza, in Amritsa, India (Photo: Aparna Jayakumar)

Surjit Singh likes bold colours. From his deep-red turban to the purple wall in the kitchen of his restaurant in Amritsa, capital of the Indian state of Punjab, colours are an extension of his exuberant character.

When a photographer from our group went into the tiny kitchen – on display behind glass at the back of the restaurant – Singh was there in a flash.

His impromptu photo shoot performance included plunging metre-long skewers of chicken into the tandoor oven, pulling out others loaded with charred meat, shoving his subordinates out of the camera shots, smiling and working the shoot like a supermodel.

But his unstained shirt told the real story: Singh doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen. Not any more. Read the full article here.


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How to make a curry in three easy steps, with Anjum Anand


I love to cook. But i love people cooking for me just as much. And i’ve had UK-based celebrity chef Anjum Anand cooking wicked Indian curries with me in my kitchen for the past week — well, almost. Continue reading


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A day with San Sebastian chef Elena Arzak


The Food Sage goes shopping with Elena Arzak in San Sebastian

It’s 11am and I’m in a bar in San Sebastian, the culinary capital of Spain’s Basque region. Despite the in-between meals hour, the bar is laden with plates of pintxos, or tapas. The locals eat pintxos at all hours, and I’m here to meet one of the locals: Elena Arzak, who runs Arzak restaurant – ranked eighth on the list of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2013 – with her father, Juan Mari. Read the full article here.


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