How Do Food Choices Affect Health And Life In General

When you ask people whether they practice healthy eating habits, they will probably tell you that they have a balanced diet plan. What most people do not know is that a balanced diet is not enough to keep you healthy. Similarly, most people do not understand the impact of food choices on their health and life in general. As the dietitian says, ‘you are what you eat,’ and that’s why the choice of food determines your health.

In this guide, we are looking at the way that the food we eat affects our health and life in general. We are also highlighting at some of the foods that you should avoid and ones you should have on your diet plan to remain healthy.

Here are 5 ways your food choices affect your health and life in general.

Causing/Preventing Chronic Diseases

The number of people dying or hospitalised from various diseases, including chronic diseases, is increasing at a worrying rate. Some people will argue that diseases, especially chronic ones, have increased over the years. However, the truth is that we are no longer practicing healthy eating habits hence exposing ourselves to chronic diseases. It is important to note that chronic diseases or what is referred to as the non-communicable diseases such as heart diseases, stroke, some cancer, stroke, and diabetes have been listed as a major threat to global health by WHO. However, the major cause of these diseases is unhealthy diet plans. Processed meals, which are very popular today, have been identified as one of the major cause of non-communicable diseases.

To prevent these diseases, you must eat a healthy diet. Avoid processed meat, sugar-sweetened beverages, too much sodium, unprocessed red meat, sweets, chocolate, wheat snacks, and most ofthe fast foods. A healthy diet plan should include eating vegetables, fish, lean meats, eggs, whole grains, nuts, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products. This is the kind of food that will help prevent or reduce the severity of chronic diseases. Moringa leaves are also incredibly nutritious and are an important choice for any diet.

Stomach Discomfort

Stomach discomfort is one of the rising problems across the world. That is according to the data released by various medical organisations, including the department of health Australia. Stomach bloating, cramping, and constipation are some of the main problems that are reported. Such problems have also been associated with cancers of the stomach or intestines. However, medical experts have established that poor diet plans are a major cause of stomach problems. In most cases, lack of fibre or high concentration of bad fibre such as inulin is the cause. Inulin is good for digestion when consumed in small amount but not in a large amount. You must also avoid diet plans that have no fibre. Avoid processed foods such as wheat snacks because they lack fibre.

If you have stomach problems, you need to check the kind of food you are eating. Check if you have too much of processed food in your diet plan. If yes, replace it with wholemeal such as whole grains to improve the level of fibre. You also need to add more veggies, fruits, and legumes to improve your digestive system. That is how you avoid stomach problems.

Weight Issues

Unhealthy weight gain or obesity is one of the biggest threats to global health, and that includes Australia. According to the Department Of Health Australia 2017-18 statistics, around 67 percent of Australian adults were obese or overweight. In addition, the same survey showed that about 24.9 percent of children aged 5-17 year were overweight or obese. One of the major cause of obesity is the choice of. Fast food has become very prominent with millennial. However, most of this food is rich in calories hence consuming more calories than your body needs. That is how most people end up adding extra pounds as the excess calories are stored as fat in the body.

Processed food such as white bread, chocolate, and other wheat snacks is another reason for weight issues. Most of this food is quickly absorbed by the body hence end up being stored as fat. A healthy diet plan is one of the key ways to fight overweight or obesity. Eating less calorie food is one of the best ways to deal with weight issues. You also need to eat more unprocessed food, including whole grains. There are many health benefits of unprocessed food, and it should feature prominently in your diet. Lastly, get lots of veggies and fruits in your diet.

Level of Energy

To deliver on your daily activities, you need enough energy to fuel your body. Carbohydrates are the energy foods, and that’s why the amount of calories you take is a major factor to consider in diet plans. Lack of enough calories can result in low energy levels hence reducing your overall performance. We recommend a professional dietician to formulate the right quantities of calories in your diet. Fibre rich calories food is what you need in your diet.

However, high energy-dense food can be unhealthy if you do not need a lot of energy. Such food could result in overweight or obesity. In addition, most of the snacks that we eat as fast foods, including pizzas, white bread, have high carb density. So avoid such foods and go for what will provide you with the right amount of energy. You must have a portion of veggies and fruits in this dirty.

Mental Health

Last but not least is mental health. Do you know that the food you eat affects your mental health? Well, how your brain performs depend on the kind of food you eat. In fact, your depression or stress could be a result of a poor diet plan. For instance, studies have shown that diets with probiotics or good bacteria help to improve anxiety levels, stress, and mental outlook. Therefore, you need to check your choice of food to keep your brain healthy. Go for food that increases the level of probiotics such as vegetables, fruits, seafood, fish, and unprocessed grains to maintain good mental health.

To avoid or improve chronic diseases, mental illness, or unhealthy weight gain, choose your food wisely. We recommend a professional dietician to help you formulate a customized healthy diet plan that meets your needs. That is the best way to maintain perfect health or reduced severity of conditions brought about by your bad eating habits. In addition, you must also avoid fast food such as hot dogs, French fries, peanut butter, and processed foods as they are a major health threat not only in Australia but globally.

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