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Australia’s raw-milk image sours

Australia’s harsh legislation against raw-milk cheese has been highlighted as an example of what could happen in other countries where authorities are reassessing unpasteurised milk and cheese production.

Australia was singled out as of one of the countries with the strictest laws against raw-milk cheese at Slow Food’s biennial event, Cheese 2011, held in the Italian city of Bra at the weekend. Continue reading

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Stop the (food) press


My partner finally spat the dummy about my burgeoning cookbook collection. One book got wet from where it was lined up with a dozen others on the laundry bench. Admittedly it’s not the best place to keep books. But the cupboard that my collection occupies is full, as is a shelf in the kitchen. The laundry bench – spacious and easily accessible from the kitchen – was the next best place. Angrily, he lugged them all off the laundry bench and dumped them on a shelf in the study. It’s not half as convenient. But I get it. Food-related reading material is getting out of hand in our household. Continue reading


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Raw-milk cheese debate faces final nail in the coffin


Blocks of blue cheese (iStockphoto)

It was eight years ago that Australian raw-milk cheese warrior Will Studd packed 80 kilograms of imported Roquefort into a hearse, draped it with the French flag and dumped it a local tip to the sounds of the French national anthem.

Studd’s public theatrics – after his stash was ordered destroyed under the Imported Food Protection Program because the cheese supposedly posed a health risk – eventually resulted in Roquefort being given a special exemption to a ban on the sale of imported raw-milk cheese in Australia.

Lobbyists have been calling for a ban on the production and sale of imported raw-milk cheese to be lifted for the past 15 years. Continue reading


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