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French Food Safari: destination satisfaction


Sometimes all journies lead to the same destination and so it was when i opened Maeve O’Meara’s French Food Safari, the cookbook based on the television series of the same name and fame.

My journey started in South Australia a few weeks earlier where, as part of a media jaunt to the Tasting Australia food festival, we were skippered around the Eyre Peninsula sampling a bounty of fresh seafood, inlcuding Kinkawooka black mussels, which were steamed– straight from the sea – as we bobbed on a charter boat alongside a Puglisi family mussel farm. Continue reading


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Foodies: why everyone loves to hate them


Foodies: why everyone loves to hate them (iStockphoto)

When a friend introduced me to his other dinner party guests as a foodie i bristled. I love food. I wolf it down as if i’m still competing with three siblings for seconds as i did in childhood, I relish a good pan rattling, I have a small copse in my kitchen in the form of glossy cookbooks, and I grow my own veggies in organic beds that i compost diligently with leftover scraps from wholesome meals that i cook most nights from – that’s right – scratch. But a foodie, me? I don’t think so. Continue reading


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Pot Noodle skeletons in the pantry


Pot Noodle is the skeleton in my pantry (iStockphoto)

Everyone has a skeleton in the pantry. Mine is Pot Noodle. Unbeknownst to my mother I ate them as a teenager at school for lunch. They’re those horrid instant noodles that come in a pot, covered in powdered flavouring, with a sachet of dodgy sauce. Add boiling water, stir in sauce, reseal the foil lid, wait a short while, and hey presto, you have a one-pot meal of reconstituted gunk that leaves you feeling extremely thirsty afterwards. Continue reading


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