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Digital versus hard copy food media


I had a fight with the newspaper on the train as I went to work last week. It was the Good Living section of the Sydney Morning Herald. We’re usually pretty good pals. Dog-eared from being stashed in my handbag for days and badly refolded after my last fleeting perusal, the weekly lift-out refused to fold neatly as I attempted to catch up on the latest culinary news.

It was raining outside. I was juggling a bag, a brolly and a newspaper with a bad attitude. It was a proper girlie fisty-cuffs: a lot of flapping and slapping and then some pages fell to the floor. I wrestled with it and dropped some more. As I shoved the paper in my bag, our friendship in tatters, my iPad – compact, neatly stowed, and well behaved – caught my eye. Continue reading


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Cheese making the artisanal whey


Romano cheese (iStockphoto)

I’ve turned, brined and dried the camembert and tucked it away in a tupperware container where it will stay at a temperature between 11-15°C for the next three weeks. I’ve dried the romano, applied a layer of plastic cheese coat, a clumsy coating of wax, and will store it at between 7 and 10ºC for at least two months. I’ve read and re-read the post cheese making workshop instructions but i have more questions than answers. Did i dry the cheeses sufficiently? Turn them consistently? Sterilise the equipment thoroughly? Sanitise my hands adequately? How will i maintain the humidity? Will i remember to turn the camembert regularly?

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