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Milk: you get what you pay for


Jersey cows (iStockphoto)

Over the Moon milk is about as close to straight from the cow that you will get. “We milk on Friday and sell on Saturday,”  says Karl Johnson, owner of Johnson’s Farmgate which supplies the milk to farmers markets and speciality stores and cafes in New South Wales.

Johnson, an ex-publican from Sydney who has been in the milk trade for about six years, drives this liquid gold to Sydney himself. Then he mans the market stall and sells his wares himself. That’s about as hands-on as you will get. Continue reading


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Hormone-free beef: what’s the catch?

black angus beef calves

Black angus calves (iStockphoto.com)

It has been difficult not to miss Coles’ latest marketing bonanza: no added hormones in its beef. Since January 1 all Coles fresh beef has been free of hormone growth promotants (HGPs) – an Australian supermarket first, no less!  But what does this really mean? Continue reading


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