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Notes from the inner sanctum of Momofuku Seiobo


The inner sanctum of David Chang’s Momofuku Seiobo

Who would think of burning watermelon rind, then blitzing it into a blackened emulsion with  grapeseed oil to serve topped with a hillock of paper-thin slices of raw radish, jewels of grilled watermelon, and a sprinkling of fermented black bean? David Chang would. The result is a slightly gritty, faintly ashy paste that perfectly offsets the peppery freshness of radish and sweet bursts of diced watermelon. Idiosyncrasies like this — and including donuts filled with a wicked pork fat caramel — intersperse the menu at Momofuku Seiobo, Chang’s digs at The Star casino and entertainment complex in Sydney. Continue reading


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Why playing hard to get works for David Chang

It’s funny how much you suddenly want something, when it’s out of reach. So it was when I decided to make a reservation at Momofuku Seiobo — the Sydney branch of New York hot-shot David Chang’s restaurant empire.

Unfortunately for me — and the birthday boy I was hoping to surprise — the decision was not mine, but that of an online reservation system that required much jumping through hoops on the customer’s part.

With every hoop, my determination (or desperation) to land a table grew, even though I was nonplussed at the start.

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Chang worship: what’s it all about?

At the risk of doing a Mia Freedman – the magazine columnist and television show presenter who angered a sizeable chunk of the nation when she questioned why sports people are lauded as super heroes while surgeons, medical researchers and artists are rarely recognised for their contributions to society – I’m just going to come out and say it. Why has Sydney gone gaga over David Chang? Continue reading


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