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Spelling it out: the sensory language of seafood


Pacific Oyster

Wine lovers wax lyrical about citrus notes, chocolaty mouthfeel, oaky taste, and mellow aromas in their glass; coffee conioisseurs use terminology such as ashy, caramel, earthy, and nutty to describe their caffeine hit; now the Eyre Peninsula Seafood Industry has its own descriptors for the flavour and aromas that set its produce apart from other regions.

The industry has launched a flavour wheel for 12 seafood products: abalone, calamari, prawns, King George whiting, snapper, yellowtail, southern bluefin tuna, angasi oysters, Pacific oysters, rock lobster, kingfish, and mussels.

Their tastes – based on the terroir, or special characteristics of where and how the produce has been grown or handled – can now be spelled out using sensory language akin to that used in other gastronomic fields. It is hoped it will help boost the region’s gastronomic tourism brand. Continue reading


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