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Labancz patisserie, a French treat


A selection of Pierre Labancz’ baked treats. Photo courtesy of Labancz.

When you see and hear a tousled haired, strong French accented baker in the kitchen from the front counter of Labancz Patisserie — with shelves crammed with bread, pies, and pastries around him — you can’t help thinking that you’ve hit the right spot for lunch.

Pierre Labancz opened his small patisserie about eight months ago on Darling Street, Rozelle. He bakes everything fresh daily, which accounts for the glorious smell and visual feast that greets customers.

They come in for organic sourdough loaves, takeaway coffee, or to grab a seat at one of a hotchpotch of traditional French tables with cast iron bases and tiny circular tops. In true French style the tables spill from the cafe’s interior onto the sidewalk where customers can sit under a deep awning sipping well-made coffee and nibbling one of Labancz’s lovely baked treats. Continue reading


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Bistro Dom: a singular experience


Bistro Dom, Nigel Parsons

Ever been in a public place and caught a waft of smelly feet and hoped, for the love of God, it wasn’t your own?

This happened to me in a Bistro Dom, a smart restaurant in Adelaide. I happened to be dining alone – that is, alone in the whole restaurant (it was very early evening). It was a mortifying moment. Convinced I couldn’t be the culprit it didn’t take long to sniff out the source: a saucer of complementary saucisson before me.

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