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Viajante: A Traveller’s Tale


Viajante, Town Hall Hotel, London (photograph courtesy of Viajante)

Nuno Mendes owes me a night out with my brother. One where we sit down, share good food and wine and talk about our lives, our loves, our let-downs – the sorts of things siblings share when they haven’t seen each other for two years. As it happened, when we reunited at Mendes’ off-beat fine-dining venue Viajante – in the restored Town Hall Hotel in London’s east end district of Bethnal Green – all we talked about was his food. I’m not exaggerating. It was the sole topic of conversation. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Never before have I been out for a meal where the chef’s concoctions demanded my complete attention – and almost three hours’ worth of conversation. Mendes might as well have pulled up a chair. Continue reading


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