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Coffee with a conscience


Forty Hands (photograph courtesy of Forty Hands)

Training in the family property business and touching on sustainable coffee practices during postgraduate study were the combining forces that prompted Perth-based Harry Grover to open a coffee shop in Singapore. Grover had been visiting Singapore on and off for about five years before he decided to take the plunge. He moved to Singapore in 2010. Forty Hands – named after the average number of hands required in the production of coffee – opened its doors in October 2010 in the out-of-the-way district of Tiong Bahru. Continue reading


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Greenhouse: a Perth restaurant where good things grow

Greenhouse restaurant

Greenhouse restaurant, Perth

Matt Stone’s reputation precedes him. The star chef at Perth hotspot Greenhouse featured in two Western Australian food and lifestyle magazines that I’d hungrily consumed on route from Sydney. It turned out that his culinary digs – the outside walls of which are an eye-catching vertical garden of small, leafy, terracotta pot plants – was a short walk from my hotel. I skipped the buffet deal included in the price of my room and made a beeline to what sounded like a garden a Eden for breakfast the next morning. Continue reading


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Must Eat

Must Eat by Russell Blaikie

Must Eat by Russell Blaikie

I used to be an impulsive cookbook purchaser. I’d see one that looked good, have a quick flick through, and buy it if a couple of the recipes looked enticing. But lack of room on the bookshelf, laundry bench, and an entire kitchen cupboard put an end to such reckless spending.

I vowed never to buy another recipe book on a whim. The new rule was that I had to wait, research the book, read reviews, look at it – longingly – at least half a dozen times, after which I could splurge if I still felt the urge – and more often than not, I didn’t.

The strategy was working well until I discovered Must Wine Bar in the Margaret River, the regional wine bar and bistro belonging to renowned West Australian chef Russell Blaikie. Continue reading

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