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Solo dining: the pitfalls and perks


“Julio! Uno!” That was the waiter who greeted me at Barcelona’s Bar Cañete screeching my dining status to his colleague in the bowels of the restaurant, and indeed to the entire street. Fortunately, solo dining doesn’t bother me. As a food writer, it comes with the territory. And sometimes, frankly, I prefer eating alone. You see, I enjoy my own company. I’m quite good friends with me, and I’m exceptionally good friends with food, so our table always gets on like a house on fire: no bickering over who sits where, sulking over lack of menu options, or negotiations over who eats, or pays, what. Continue reading


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A taste of Afghanistan at Sydney spice spot, Bamiyan


Bamiyan Afghan restaurant is a spice hit

I used to think that a square of white butcher’s paper atop a restaurant table cloth was a sign of sheer tackiness, but after dining at Bamiyan Afghan restaurant i understand it can also be a necessity.

Our white square of paper was dribbled with so much curry and splatters of rice that it looked like a work of modernist art — a three-year-old’s, that is. But those food smatters were testament to the extent to which we relished our first foray into Afghan cuisine. Continue reading


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Greenhouse: a Perth restaurant where good things grow

Greenhouse restaurant

Greenhouse restaurant, Perth

Matt Stone’s reputation precedes him. The star chef at Perth hotspot Greenhouse featured in two Western Australian food and lifestyle magazines that I’d hungrily consumed on route from Sydney. It turned out that his culinary digs – the outside walls of which are an eye-catching vertical garden of small, leafy, terracotta pot plants – was a short walk from my hotel. I skipped the buffet deal included in the price of my room and made a beeline to what sounded like a garden a Eden for breakfast the next morning. Continue reading


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