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Coffee with a conscience


Forty Hands (photograph courtesy of Forty Hands)

Training in the family property business and touching on sustainable coffee practices during postgraduate study were the combining forces that prompted Perth-based Harry Grover to open a coffee shop in Singapore. Grover had been visiting Singapore on and off for about five years before he decided to take the plunge. He moved to Singapore in 2010. Forty Hands – named after the average number of hands required in the production of coffee – opened its doors in October 2010 in the out-of-the-way district of Tiong Bahru. Continue reading


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Gastronomic Singapore


Barbecued stingray at Newton Hawker Centre

A gastronomic stopover in Singapore on route back to Sydney from the United Kingdom presented a kid in a candy shop kind of scenario. I had just two nights and two days in a city renowned for its amazing food culture. My conundrum was where to start.

I dabbled with the idea of visiting some fancy fine diners. After all, Singapore has its fair share to choose from. Instead i opted to keep it low key and relatively un-planned. Looking back i wish i’d slept less and gorged more. Instead i have a list of places that couldn’t be squeezed in either time or appetite wise. They’re places i am determined to go back to.

Here are six of my top Singaporean culinary picks. Continue reading


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