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Discover the flavours of the Eyre Peninsula seafood trail


Tony Ford from Boston Bay Winery shows off some of the Eyre Peninsula’s premium seafood.

South Australia has a growing reputation as a gastronomic destination, with its coastline a treasure trove of deep sea delights. Think Cupid (baby) oysters straight from the sea, fresh Kinkawooka mussels, rock lobster, and sustainable Spencer Gulf king prawns. With the help of a sensory scientist the region has now set out to prove that its seafood tastes different — maybe even better — than that sourced anywhere else in the world. Read the full story here.


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Art Gallery Restaurant serves a lesson in simplicity


Art Gallery Restaurant, Adelaide

There is a lesson in dining at Art Gallery Restaurant, which overlooks a grassy nook on the University of Adelaide’s North Terrace Campus: don’t judge food by its facade. Continue reading

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Bistro Dom: a singular experience


Bistro Dom, Nigel Parsons

Ever been in a public place and caught a waft of smelly feet and hoped, for the love of God, it wasn’t your own?

This happened to me in a Bistro Dom, a smart restaurant in Adelaide. I happened to be dining alone – that is, alone in the whole restaurant (it was very early evening). It was a mortifying moment. Convinced I couldn’t be the culprit it didn’t take long to sniff out the source: a saucer of complementary saucisson before me.

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