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From the mouths of food writers

Should food writers and recipe developers inform readers about sustainable food choices and ethical eating practices in the hope of fostering responsible consumerism? It’s a question I ask myself every time I see a celebrity chef spruiking a recipe for swordfish or a food critic salivating over a yellowfin tuna number they’ve encountered on the menu of a trendy eatery.

Should recipe writers guide readers towards more sustainable options, discuss alternative species, and help the reader make a more informed choice? Should food critics wax lyrical about exceptional dishes they have encountered if ingredients are unsustainable or unethically sourced, or bite their tongue? Continue reading


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The Urban Cook’s sustainable challenge


Urban Cook: Cooking and Eating for a Sustainable Future

While Mark Jensen travelled Australia promoting his cookbook The Urban Cook: Cooking and Eating for a Sustainable Future some of us were at home putting it to the test.

I was originally drawn to the book by the recipe for leatherjacket oven-roasted with lemongrass and garlic, which subsequently featured in The Food Sage’s Sustainable Seafood Challenge.

Now I’ve cooked from all sections: vegetables; seafood; poultry; pork & lamb; beef & veal – except desserts, and give Urban Cook a sustained thumbs up.  Continue reading


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