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Top food finds of Five Dock


Nam Viet Hot Bread in Five Dock

The food adventurer in me means i’ve been slightly preoccupied by a recent house move to the Sydney suburb of Rodd Point. Wallpapering, floorboard sanding, painting and decorating have taken a back seat as I’ve scoured the new neighbourhood for good food finds. So far i’ve found five, just a few minutes walk away in the Italian pocket of Five Dock. It’s a bit of a multicultural line-up.      Continue reading


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A taste of Afghanistan at Sydney spice spot, Bamiyan


Bamiyan Afghan restaurant is a spice hit

I used to think that a square of white butcher’s paper atop a restaurant table cloth was a sign of sheer tackiness, but after dining at Bamiyan Afghan restaurant i understand it can also be a necessity.

Our white square of paper was dribbled with so much curry and splatters of rice that it looked like a work of modernist art — a three-year-old’s, that is. But those food smatters were testament to the extent to which we relished our first foray into Afghan cuisine. Continue reading


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Chang worship: what’s it all about?

At the risk of doing a Mia Freedman – the magazine columnist and television show presenter who angered a sizeable chunk of the nation when she questioned why sports people are lauded as super heroes while surgeons, medical researchers and artists are rarely recognised for their contributions to society – I’m just going to come out and say it. Why has Sydney gone gaga over David Chang? Continue reading


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A taste of Thailand: what Sydney has to offer

Revisiting a favourite cuisine can spark memories and reignite a passion for flavours first devoured a long way from home.

The Food Sage went in search of Thai restaurants that deliver the real deal. Pleasant surprises and disappointments were par for the course.  Continue reading

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