Avoid Dishonest Restaurant Deals

One of the marketing strategies used in the hospitality industry is offering attractive discount deals. That is what most restaurants do especially when the foot traffic is dwindling. Most of us run for these discounts deals with a second thought. Have you ever stopped and asked yourself if you are getting value for money? Well, most of the restaurant discount deals are duffs. In this article, we are looking at some of the ‘special’ treatment that discount diners receive. You will be shocked to learn that these offers are nothing but falsity. Here is what you get during discount deals:  

Wine Remains

bottle of wine One thing you should have in mind is you are most likely to be served wine dregs. No one will open a brand new wine for you during a discounted dinner. So if your restaurant discount deal includes a complimentary glass of wine, it will get remnants of a bottle that is a couple of nights ago. That is what most restaurants do. Wine dregs are usually used to deglaze pans in the kitchen if the restaurant is practicing good food hygiene and safety. But can you tell that they are serving dregs? Well, the answer is NO. Although it is unethical to serve dregs, it is prevalent in the industry.  

Reduced Portions

I know most diners have observed this. During discounted deal dinners, the quantity of food is usually smaller than the normal days. There are many factors that can explain the reduction in quantity. First, diners need to understand that no businessman will set itself up for a loss. Therefore, they will have to make a few adjustments to recover from the discounted price. One of them is reducing the amount of food served. So they will downsize the protein, reduce the size of a cake to a single bite and scrimp on the chips. If you look at it critically, you will find out that the discount tag is nothing but a lie.  

Speed Dining

Have you ever noticed how short discount dining is? Well, you will find the speed at which everything is done, very weird. You don’t even get time to enjoy the meal. Immediately after you have placed an order; it takes a fraction of time it normally takes for an order to be on your table. You will also notice that after taking the last bite, plates are whisked away and the next course delivered while you are still masticating the last mouthful. The bill will be on the table immediately after finishing, and in the next few minutes, you are out the door. The experience is terrible.  

The Upsell Tricks

food Upsell tricks are very common whenever there are discount deals. In a bid to recover from losses that come with discounted sales or make more money, the restaurant employs upsell tricks using their staff. With the cute faces and smiles, these guys will persuade you to buy an extra dish, overpriced dessert or glass of wine. With small meal portion, you are likely to get swayed to buy an extra meal. That is how they will make a kill out of you. When you hit the door, you will have spent more than on a typical day. So the discount deal will be nothing but a lie.  

You Don’t Dare Ask For More

During restaurant discount deals, the host makes sure that the customer is unable to ask for money food as it is with normal days. They will make discount deals look like gifting the customers with free food. With that, you will have no authority as a customer to ask for more food. You cannot ask for more butter, bread or sauce. Otherwise, you will look scandalous and ridiculous if you do. That simply means you are helpless in that you cannot ask for an extra free meal as it is on a normal day. With that kind of environment, you will never enjoy your dinner as you would have desired.  

Expect Low-Quality Food

The quality of the food served whenever there is a discount deal is always in questions. If those on the other side of the kitchen can open up to you, you will be shocked. The kind of food you get is total garbage. Most restaurants prepare what should be thrown away including withered veggies, meat that has overstayed its time in the fridge and dairy products on the turn. This is the kind of food that you are likely to get. So when you hear a restaurant is offering ridiculous discount deals, just know that the quality of food will be terrible. These are just a few of the reasons why restaurant discount deals are not worth it. They are not worth your money and time and the quality of food is disgusting. So don’t fall for these fraudsters in the name of restaurants.

Post Author: Enoch T. Semon

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