7 Food Additives And Preservatives To Avoid

Dietary restriction is very important if you have to maintain a good and healthy life. In ancient days, its believed that the food that people ate wasn't accompanied with complexities as is the case today. Well, with rapid modernization and development of tests and preferences amongst the people, there has been an influx of uncountable additives and food preservations. In this write-up am taking you through the 7 Food Additives and Preservatives to Avoid like a plaque!

Fructose syrup obtained from corn

This is considered as one of the most hyped additives that are sweetened or makes the food to taste! fructose corn syrup is one of the surefire causers of some of the chronic illnesses that have rampaged the world today. Obesity! Type two diabetes! hypertension are some of the ramifications that all that ever did consumer this type of additive has had to battle with. Monosodium Glutomate

Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

This is one of the additives that is popularly found in Chinese cuisines. Though deemed fit for consumption, it remains to be one of the slow killer of the people due to its nature of mild manifestation. This is to confirm how people are disadvantaged by such products that should occasionally be subjected to quality assurance department for scrutiny before consumption but instead its made available to the market without stringent actions of ascertaining how safer are put in place. Pal, this is a matter of life and death and since we only have one life you should be so careful to take care of it jealously!

Potassium bromate

This is one of the most cherished types of food additive that I advise that you should go slow on it. Okay, look can you imagine of a substance that has got carcinogenic compounds it? If a substance is able to cause abnormal growth of cells in rodents like a rat, what about you. Do you know that humans are in the same order of classification with the rodents, don't you? I thought you should know. Now back to the main agenda after the commercial break, this additive is believed to have the ability to act the same way it does in the raising dough in bread making et cetera. Now I know you must be thinking what next after such a revelation, but i want to bring to your attention that there is no need for the cause of alarm since other additives are reliably healthy for human consumption. Buddy, for every defective product that exists there must be a substitute that is far more better and harmless so relax! Food dye

Food Dye

According to the study, it has been established that some of the colorings that are found in the foods can have some side effect on children IQ hence leading to behavioral changes. This, therefore, means that it is imperative for you to take any necessary measures to make sure that you are not in constant use of these products which in the long run could affect your health. Other additives and preservation that are deemed unfit and should be ac=voided at any cost are:-
  • Sodium nitrates components
  • Sulpher dioxide components
  • Transfats
In conclusion, I take this opportunity to salute your patience to engage every piece of nuggets in this article to be able to save a life and maintain a healthy living going ahead. Good luck pal!

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