About The Food Sage

The Food Sage (Rachel Lebihan) is a food writer and restaurant reviewer and a former editor at The Australian Financial Review.

The _Food_Sage

She’s a bit of a food junkie who holds a Masters of Gastronomy from the University of Adelaide and Le Cordon Bleu.

In her spare time she’s a gastronomic traveller, an organic gardener, a beer drinker, and a culinary adventurer.

She joined the media relations team at Woolworths in January 2014.

The Food Sage logo and the content and most of the photography featured on this site are owned by The Food Sage and are  subject to copyright protection ©. Some photographs have been paid for, or used by explicit permission by the owner.


22 responses to “About The Food Sage

  1. Katarina Kroslakova

    Hi Rachel, I really love your blog.


  2. pauline tresise

    thank you for your inspiring blog on all aspects of food. It is a joy to read.

  3. Georgia Macmillan

    Rachel – congratulations on the blog! What a great thing to do in addition to your AFR role. It looks fantastic. Keep up the good work.

    Kindest, Georgia

  4. Dear thefoodsage,

    Congratulations on getting your MA in Gastronomy. I only know of another person who has this qualification. Studying and working is definitely not an easy task but I’m sure the rewards are beginning to show now that you’ve achieved what you set out to do. Well done.

    • Thanks … it certainly was hard work. Who else do you know with the qualification? It’s a small world … i met a chef in Thailand once who had studied the program a few years before me!

  5. Hi, I recently discovered your blog through http://eatlittlebird.com/ Your writing style is very impressive. Read the first 5 posts and loved them. looking forward to reading more from your blog.

  6. It’s bliss to read really good food journalism! And the weekend wouldn’t be the same without the AFR.

  7. Wow! I have ambitions of doing what you already have done! After school I plan to get a masters in Gastronomy and go on to be a food writer just like you. I look forward to following your website.

  8. I really enjoy reading this blog, keep the posts coming ;)

  9. Wow, great blog. So glad you found me so I could find you! Following on Twitter and looking forward to more:)

  10. Pauline

    Thank you Rachel for your entry on foraging with Diego, i have put a link on our Slow Food Perth web site after also listening to Diego on the “Off Track program on the ABC Amazing and interesting articles.

  11. Hi Rachel. Love reading your blog.
    As someone who also works within the media industry, and looking to engage my passion for food further, I’m interested in whether you’d recommend the Master of Arts in Gastronomy. In hindsight do you think it was worth it?

    • Hi Dean – sorry for my slow response. Unfortunately the master of gastronomy, which was offered through the University of Adelaide and Le Cordon Bleu, doesn’t exist any more. The two institutions parted ways and the course ended last year. I understand the uni now offers another food-related masters, which sounded good (can’t remember its name, sorry) – and more up-to-date than the gastronomy program — which at the end of the day wasn’t very vocationally focused. Le Cordon Bleu has partnered another university to offer a different food-related masters program – i think it’s called a masters of gastronomic tourism, which again sounded much more vocationally focussed. Let me know if you want me to hunt down more info on the programs – i’d be able to find it quite quickly.

      • Hi, my name is Tawnya Bahr and I’m currently enrolled through Southern Cross University and Le Cordon Bleu in their Master of Gastronomic Tourism program. You can go to the university website and read all about it. I’m learning a great deal and like you Rachel have realised that uni study along with work and family can be challenging to say the least.
        Hope that helps.

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