Wearing Hospital Gloves To Supermarkets: Are They Appropriate?

Coronavirus continues to ravage the world. As of writing, there are almost 2 million infections and thousands of people dead. With no cure so far, public health experts in the UK have been encouraging prevention measures. Washing hands is the most recommended prevention method. This is informed by the fact that our hands play a crucial role in transmitting COVID-19. When a COVID-19 infected person touches their nose, eyes or mouth, their hands become infected. So, any surfaces they come into contact with becomes infected. This included people they shake hands with. That's how the virus spreads. But washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, you will wash away the traces of Covid-19. But there are situations when gloves becomes the best prevention method and hand washing.

Wearing Hospital Gloves

The demand for surgeon gloves in the UK skyrocketed when cases in Europe started rising. That's after studies showed that masks and surgical gloves could protect people from catching the virus. Even today, a lot of people are purchasing hospital gloves in UK to avoid getting infected.

Wearing Gloves To Supermarkets

 the girl wearing mask and hospital gloves to supermarket You will see people wearing gloves in supermarkets. But is it appropriate? Well, wearing surgical gloves to supermarkets can protect you from getting into contact with the virus directly. But that will not protect you from picking up COVID-19. If you touch your eyes, nose or mouth with infected gloves, you will get the virus. What gloves do is give you a false sense of security. So, if you are not careful, you might get infected due to complacency. If you've to wear surgeon gloves to the supermarket, remove them after shopping. Then wash your hands or use a sanitizer.

When To Wear Surgical Gloves

Wearing nitrile medical gloves to supermarkets isn't necessary unless you've open wounds on the hands. But there are instances when wearing nitrile exam gloves is a must and you can buy gloves wholesale at competitive prices for those medical needs. Here are two instances when it's appropriate to wear gloves:

When caring for COVID-19 patient

If you're caring for coronavirus patient in the hospital or at home, you must wear disposable nitrile medical gloves. With a COVID-19 patient, it is very easy to get infected. Everything they touch is likely to get contaminated. Put the gloves on when cleaning and disinfecting surfaces they have touched. You should also wear gloves when having contact with the patient's blood, stool, or body fluids, such as vomit, urine, saliva, and mucus. Then dispose of the gloves and wash your hands after removing the gloves.

When Preparing Food

worker wearing gloves at food delivery The other time when wearing surgical gloves is appropriate is when preparing food. If you are preparing ready to eat food, it is recommended that you put on gloves. If you touch infected surfaces and then touch the food, then you likely to pass the COVID-19 to the person you're serving. Food preparation gloves help to reduce cross-contamination. But you need to use one pair of gloves for every task and wash your hand and removing the surgical glove.

Proper Glove Use and removal

Surgical gloves should be used only once. Don't try reprocessing them after use. For proper and safe removal, start with grasping one glove at the wrist as you peel it away from your body inside out. Then, hold it in hand with the glove on. Insert fingers inside the second glove at the wrist and peel it off while turning it inside out. With the first glove inside, throw them into a lined trash bin and wash your hands.

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